HTML5 "fart app" as a tool

Educating through Entertainment

When I wrote my first HTML tutorial nearly two decades ago, I knew very few people would read and recommend it to others unless it was entertaining.

While working on a plan to teach my new topic (human-computer-interaction) I decided that having a very entertaining topic would draw some interest and criticism. That said, picking a mildly controversial topic should most assuredly generate curious interest. This is definitely what this topic needs right now.

(My) Specific History of Immune Influence Interaction

In 2003 (ten years before the first version of the site you're using now) I was reviewing some theory about a desktop application I had prototyped.

Just like a kid with too much sugar, or an artist with too much caffeine, I felt that there might quite possibly be an upper limit we don't want to cross in regards to how immersive an application would be.

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